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Teong Sheng Design has been your source for a wide range of innovative, high quality ergonomic furniture. Our upholstered furniture is designed to help you to live in complete comfort and health.

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Teong Sheng furniture is cleverly designed. It considers ergonomic, safety, aesthethic and easy of assembly. Actual chair dimensions are determined by measurements of the human body or anthropometric measurements. Chair backrest follows your body's natural contours.
A contoured seat pan attempts to distribute weight without padding and matching the shape of the occupant's buttocks, A good selection of finished wood colors and fabrics make dining range is good looking, relaxed and give casual contemporary taste, like today’s home-as-haven Lifestyle design.
A chair is a piece of furniture consisting of a seat, legs, back, and sometimes arm rests, for use by one person. Without back and arm rests it is called a stool. A chair for more than one person is a couch, sofa, settee, loveseat or bench. A footrest for a chair is known as an ottoman or hassock. A chair mounted in a vehicle or in a theatre is simply called a seat.
Furniture Design Consideration

Chair design considers intended usage, aesthetics, safety and ergonomics (how comfortable it is for the occupant), as well as non-ergonomic functional requirements such as size, stackability, foldability, weight, durability, stain resistance and artistic design. Intended usage determines the desired seating position.
A)  Ergonomic considerations

The general ergonomic approach with the Teong Sheng Dining Range is to provide 90% of the population with a comfortable and supportive seated dining position. This is achieved through a carefully devised ergonomic backrest shape, seat & recline angles, seat depth, seat height (and table height) – all of which are achieved and supported by an intentional balance between firmness and compliance to the upholstery cushioning.

).  The backrest shape  -  Backrest follow your body's natural contours. It will support some of the weight of the occupant, reducing the weight on other parts of the body. In general, backrests come in three heights: Lower back backrests support only the lumbar region. Shoulder height backrests support the entire back and shoulders. Headrests support the head. The back often does not extend all the way to the seat to allow for ventilation. Likewise, the back and sometimes the seat are made of porous materials or have holes drilled in them for decoration and ventilation.

ii).  The chair seat  -  A hard wood chair feels hard because the contact point between the occupant and the chair is small. The same body weight over a smaller area means greater pressure on that area. Padding does distribute the weight by increasing the area of contact between the chair and the body. Spreading the area reduces the pressure at any given point. Padding may be not desirable in hot climates. Padding with fabric or plastic covers is often uncomfortable against the skin. Contouring may be used instead. A contoured seat pan attempts to distribute weight without padding. By matching the shape of the occupant's buttocks, weight is distributed and pressure at any given point is reduced.

iii).  The chair dimension  -  Actual chair dimensions are determined by measurements of the human body or anthropometric measurements. Individuals may be measured for a custom chair. Anthropometric statistics may be gathered for mass produced chairs. The two most relevant anthropometric measurement for chair design is the popliteal height and buttock popliteal length.

iv).  The material selection  -  A good selection of finished wood colors and fabrics make dining range is good looking, relaxed and give casual contemporary taste, like today’s home-as-haven Lifestyle design. You lean toward light, glowing woods like birch and maple or dark, dramatic stains like espresso. The strong, simple lines of elegant may appeal.
B) Aesthetics Consideration

With the Teong Sheng Dining Range there were 2 main objectives;

a) To provide discernible aesthetic details that provided an “aesthetic point of difference”. This was achieved through a unique arrangement of; >>Well defined lines and striking simplicity, >> Proportions of a slightly wider chair to its overall height, >> A visual/physical separation of the armrest from the chair’s backrest,  >>A careful blend of the transition between the underside corners of upholstered seat and the chair leg, providing an important visual flow from the backrest, to the seat, and to the legs.

b) To “underlay “ these unique aesthetic details with an indefinable notion of “understated contemporary elegance”.

We can say that Teong Sheng Dining Range is not only designed to be physically comfortable, but it is also designed to be visually comfortable. The combination of proportions, backrest curvature, soft edge detailing and “arms that open wide” provide important visual cues to reinforce the psychology of comfort and well-being.
C) Safety Consideration

Primary safety considerations are represented as follows:
a) Strength, stability and durability.

b) The endeavor to achieve a suitable strength-to-weight ratio (with efficient steel framing) to enable ease of access/egress to/from the chair when sitting at the table, and picking the chair up when moving/cleaning.
D) Ease of Assembly and Disassembly.

Teong Sheng tables and chair are cleverly designed. If you've wanted to add a cupboard upstairs but the stairwell is too narrow, look no further. You can carry Teong Sheng furniture through narrow passageways one piece at a time! The extension dining table can be easily extended 
Important and innovative features

The Teong Sheng Dining Range is a unique furniture product release in the following ways;

a) Value for money – the products have been designed and developed to achieve a balance between quality and price point.

b) A “look and feel” with longevity –an aesthetic very suited and targeted to current and anticipated market trends towards a far more discerning approach to furniture selection and investment.

c) A balance between slim-line framing and upholstery to achieve a “light weight aesthetic” without compromise of the durability, quality or comfort.

d) The increase in apartment living and smaller inner city dwellings has influenced the overall size of furniture. This chair addresses these issues without looking like the “junior” version. Its visual lightness and sense of mobility also assists in its appropriateness for smaller environments without visually clogging the space.


We have helped thousands of people to sit more comfortably. We hope that you too will delight in the ergonomic comfort of Teong Sheng Furniture.

We offer our furniture in oak, maple and cherry woods as well as over a hundred fine fabrics and leathers. Contact our marketing to explore the many furniture design possibilities. Call us at (606) 979 1933 and we'll offer personalized help and advice in choosing the best furniture for your needs. 

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