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We are Teong Sheng, a manufacturer of wood furniture, proud to be the leading global exporter and marketer of Furniture for the global industrial markets.

We were found in fifteen years ago when a man had an idea to make high quality and affordably-priced furniture for consumers in every corner of the globe.

Teong Sheng was the culmination of this idea. After putting in many years of hard work established a reputation for itself as an enterprising innovator, and overcoming numerous failures, Mr. Lim Boon Huat (Angus Lim), our Managing Director had finally realized his dream.

Teong Sheng with flying colours

We have a total commitment to quality. Through the adoption of quality management system, we strive for excellence and pledge to provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their quality requirements.

Spirit, Pride, Determination, Commitment, Passion and Integrity values inspire the way we serve our customers. We are not only provide them with absolute best products, technology and service, but listen to them, respond quickly to them and anticipate future needs. 

We also strive to stay turned to our obligation as corporate citizen-top safeguard the environment in all aspects and at all stages of our bussiness operations. Much effort is given to approaches towards waste-minimizing production methods and the encouraging use of plantation rubber wood, which is more than eco-friendly but also excellent in quality, versatile and durable.

Strive for excellences

Growing from strength to over two decades, Teong Sheng Furniture has today emerged as a leading furniture manufacturer in Malaysia.  

The overwhelming success is significantly due to the outstanding leadership of Mr. Lim Boon Huat (Angus Lim) and Lim Boon Kiong (Marcus Lim) assisted by this team of forward-looking management staff who are qualified with the necessary experience, knowledge, innovation, dedication and commitment. 

Today's Teong Sheng furniture, with a dynamic and skilled workforce of 680 staffs and state-of-the-art factory occupying a land area of 22 acres, is at the forefront of the furniture industry, serving clientele throughout the world.

Outstanding environments

From the careful selection of raw materials to the final touch of finished products, stringent quality checks are practiced to meet optimum production capacity and efficiency. 

The leading edge manufacturing process of Teong Sheng Furniture comprised of 4 stages- bodybuilding, spraying, assembly and QC in which automated machinery and equipments are utilized to ensure flawless production excellence both in quality and quantity.

Backed by a team of skilled and experienced furniture makers and equipped with state-of-art automated facilities, Teong Sheng furniture respond to customers' need fast and with great sastifications.

Automated machinery and equipments

Accepted and appreciated by all segments of the world market, our products are synonymous with quality, style, comfort and prestige. 

In recognition of worldwide acceptance towards Teong Sheng Furniture products, we strive to produce eco-friendly and excellent quality furniture of aesthetic designs at competitive prices. 

Through the implementation of international standard of quality control which is accepted by global buyers, our products can be found in the households of many countries including the United States, the Middle East, Ireland, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Russia.

To be international recognition
We look forward to build on the success and further expand our capabilities to produce more value-added products and services to every corner of the earth. 

With our current manufacturing capabilities, creative and innovation, we are implementing a long-term strategy of products diversification and global expansion.

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